Currently Closed for Lockdown
Mon-Thurs. 8:00am - 10:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 10:00pm
Unit 7, 175 Dawson Road
Guelph ON, N1H 1A1    [map]
Phone: 519-341-4512

Great news!! As of Tuesday February 16th 2021 JARZIE'S reopens for golfing. The guys and I look forward to welcoming you back.

We will be calling, texting and e-mailing all league players and members to ensure that you are aware of our status change and that your regular golf times are back up for play. As of Thursday Feb 11, 2021 we are also booking tee times for the public. If we are not here when you call, please let a detailed message and it will be picked up and returned within 24 hrs.

So the next logical question is how are we handling pre-paid items?

Pre-paid monthly passes. All passholders essentially went to "hold status" during the lockdown. It will automatically reactivate on Feb 16th. As of Feb 11th, all monthly passholders have been called to advise that they can now begin booking for Feb 16th +.

All prepaid lessons packs, gift cards, game packs etc. NOTHING EXPIRES. If it has an expiry date on it - ignore it. Thank you for believing in us and still purchasing this season so we had cash flow through the shutdown.

Memberships. This summer we began a new version of memberships. All memberships now have a COVID POLICY in place. Part of the policy states "If JARZIE'S is forced to close for GREATER THAN 15 days in any calendar month during October 20-April 21, the member will not pay for that month." Based on this policy, members will not pay for January and February of 2021. If you prepaid your membership, you now have a 2 month credit on file. If you pay monthly, you will NOT be charged. Note: There are a number of members that have advised me to continue to bill them regardless of this policy - my sincere thanks. Not expected but appreciated. All members that paid in advance will receive a statement during the first week of May detailing their credit. It will NOT be calculated before then as we don't know if we will be shut down again before April 30th.

Many of our leagues required players to put down a $50 no show/no call deposit. This money has been kept on hold and will now be applied to leagues resuming Feb 16th 2021. Should the worst happen and an immediate 3rd lockdown happens then we will do a reverse ATM in late April such as we did in April 2020.

All tournaments, leagues and events will be rescheduled for dates after Feb. 16 2021. If you would like to schedule a group (assuming 8-10 people), please e-mail and we will get back to you within a day or two.

All health units are now being treated as seperate units to move away from the provincial approach to COVID. JARZIE'S will assume that we are moving into "Red" for the purpose of leagues and groups. "Red" for us eqautes to a maximum of 10 patrons in the facility including 2 per booth. JARZIE'S will remain in "Red" regardless if Guelph moves to "Orange" until the end of this season. We have had zero transmission here thus far and want to keep it as such.

I would like to thank our customers for their business and their patience this year. JARZIE'S is more than a place to golf. We are a family. This year I have been overwhelmed by the support of our community as we continually alter our policies to our changing business restrictions. There is no denying that this is a big blow but we will survive. Together we will get through this.

Sincerely, Julie Hamilton

Welcome to JARZIE'S Indoor Simulated Golf

JARZIE'S has 5 simulators that can accommodate up to 30 golfers. All 5 sims feature high definition graphics. The experience is only 2nd to playing the real course. Our 30 courses have a realism that brings the game of summer indoors without turning it into a video game.

These simulators were designed so that everyone can enjoy a round of golf. You do not need to be a "tech" to enjoy them and improve your game. Staff will explain the simulator, set you up and then the sim takes care of the rest.

News / Updates

JARZIE'S is pleased to host parties, group and corporate events.

In addition to our professional golf simulators, we offer an in house menu, a catering menu, and a bar. Please contact Julie Hamilton at JARZIE'S to discuss the needs of your group.

Senior Days

Mondays and Tuesdays from open until 5pm, senior rates of $25/hr will be applied to all those 55+. Best deal of the week. * Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Follow us on Twitter @JARZIES_SIMGolf

to see last minute deals, tournament information etc.

Gift Cards

Loadable cards that are available in any denomination. A fantastic gift for any occasion.

Linamar League Play

Calling all Linamar employees. We are now signing up teams of 2 for our annual Linamar league. Play for rounds over the Winter to compete for prizes. $25 pp. Only 1 of the 2 players must be a Linamar employee. E-mail for details.

League spare

Really want to try league but not sure if it is right for you or your schedule? How about Spare in a league to give it a try. Fall sessions begin the week of Nov 11th, 2019.

Club Storage

Just for 2020/2021 club storage will be reserved for select seniors and L1 members.

Do you Book Parties?

Yes we do! Christmas party and Corporate Events are now booking for 2020/2021. Ask about our DD program and our Covid regulations.

JARZIE'S is pleased to be the perfect Winter venue for a COVID friendly party. Our large open space has tables 6 feet apart so you can talk without being on top of each other, our booths have natural divider to play together and yet apart. In addition to our simulators we offer an in-house app menu, catering menu, and a bar. Please contact Julie Hamilton to discuss the needs of your group.